“Marin Daiou” Ika Squid Somen w/ Golden Shishamo Egg 400g

$18.90 per pkt

Ika sōmen comes from Hakodate, Hokkaido, and is a popular Japanese dish. While the word ika means squid and the word sōmen refers to the popular noodles of wheat flour, this is actually a seafood dish in which, as a form of sashimi, raw squid is thinly sliced and cut into the shape of noodles. Combine it with Golden Shishamo ko which has a crunchy texture with a salty and nutty taste, makes it nutritious with its high vitamin and protein content.

Packaging: 400g per packet

Country of origin: Japan

Storage instructions: Keep in freezer. Defrost in chiller or running water.

How to use: Appetizer, topping for sushi.

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