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“Choya” Umeshu 14% (Plum Wine) 720ml

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Umeshu, or ume fruit liquor, is a traditional Japanese liqueur. It has a sweet and tangy flavor with almond undertones. The ume fruit holds the key.

By maturing the whole fruit with the stone still inside, the optimum balance of ume extract and alcohol is attained. Citric acid in the berry gives Umeshu its delightful tang, and the refreshing flavor promotes appetite. Malic and succinic acids are also found in Umeshu. Because the fruit is soaked in alcohol during manufacture, the ume flavor can be extracted not only from the flesh and peel, but also from the stone. This method is responsible for CHOYA Umeshu’s distinct fruity fragrance, which includes notes of almond and marzipan.

Packaging: 720ml

Country of origin: Japan

Storage instructions: Keep in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Refrigerate after opening.

How to use: When you’re feeling fatigued, pamper yourself to a glass of Umeshu.

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